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eCommerce & webshops

Meet Lesly, owner of a successful webshop

She’s running a successful webshop in handmade jewelry and her business is exploding. Hundreds of emails to answer and even more Instagram DM’s. The problem for Lesley is time, she’s already working around the clock to help her customers.

How to scale customer interactions for her eCommerce webshop?

Lesley's eCommerce and webshops business
Chatbot in customer service automation

Live chat & Conversational AI and Customer service automation

The answer for Lesly’s eCommerce webshop is in automating customer service. With Conversational AI and intelligent chatbots, Lesley can automate simple, repetitive conversations about “Where is my order?” or “What is your return policy?”. She only spends time on more complex, value-added conversations with customers.

Customer service automation saves her hours of time per week. Precious time she can spend on growing her business. With a unified inbox, Lesley has all her messaging channels like live chat, email, or social messaging in one place.

Omnichannel, unified experiences in customer service

Learn more about how to create great, omnichannel messaging experiences in customer service.

The #1 Customer Messaging platform for businesses

All channels in one inbox

Connect all your customer support channels like Email, Live chat or Facebook Messenger into one inbox.

Automated conversations

A chatbot answers most of your customer support questions.

Seamless human handover

Easily taking over conversations and answering the customer in case the chatbot doesn’t understand.

Multiple languages

Our chatbot speaks and helps your customers in multiple languages.

Customer profiling

Build rich profiles and easily merge multiple communication channels from the same, single customer.

Works out of the box

Easy to set up, within 5 minutes. No coding required or complicated flow builders to work with.

Delight your customers today

Free 14-day trial Easy setup No credit card required

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