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Real Estate

Jean-Luc and his real estate business

As a real estate agent, you engage with many potential buyers every day. Buyers who see properties and real estate online and have question about it. Questions like whether a house is still for sell or when they can plan a viewing.

Jean-Luc and his real estate business is handling hundreds of requests every day. Some requests come in via email, other requests via live chat on the website. It would be great if Jean-Luc can manage all of his requests in one place and it would be even better to automate part of the requests.

Real estate agent about chatbots
Live chatbot for real estate

Scaling customer interactions with chatbots and Conversational AI

To scale and grow his real estate business without adding extra people, Jean-Luc went for customer support automation and chatbots. To make sure potential buyers will have a great experience, he went for an intelligent chatbot that uses Conversational AI to have human-like flexible conversations.

This open approach allows potential buyers to ask any kind of questions. And in the case a chatbot can’t answer, Jean-Luc easily takes over the conversation, right from his smartphone.

With a unified inbox, Jean-Luc keeps track of the requests and has all his conversations via channels like live chat, email, or social messaging in one place.

The difference between scripted vs non-scripted chatbots

Learn more about what the differences are between scripted vs non-scripted chatbots and how it impacts the customer experience.

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