Social Commerce And How It Impacts Customer Service

Social Commerce is booming. Recently TikTok announced that they’re launching shopping features on their platform. Kylie Jenner with her Kylie Cosmetics brand will be the first shop to launch. Other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat have already successfully launched shopping features.But what is social commerce actually? And how does it help to grow your business? 

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is the process of selling products directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and now also TikTok. The entire shopping experience takes place on a social platform, from the initial product discovery to the checkout and payment process.It allows shoppers to buy directly from social channels without leaving the app and having to visit an eCommerce website.

The big benefit of social commerce is the removal of friction. For example, you bump into a nice pair of shorts for the summer on your Instagram feed, hit “shop now” and complete the purchase right there in the app.

The growth of Social Commerce

Although social commerce is relatively new, it is currently a $89.4 billion market. Projections are that it will grow to a $604.5 billion business in the next seven years. That’s serious money being made and it will definitely impact the way we look at the current eCommerce landscape. So as a small business owner, it’s time to look at social commerce.

Opening a shop on a social platform

Setting up a shop on one of the social media platforms isn’t difficult. Let’s take Instagram Shopping for example. You have to verify your account and be eligible for Instagram Shopping, but once you are, you set your first products up in minutes. 

Smart integrations with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce allows you to manage your product catalog. It is actually a new storefront to your existing webshop.

Social Commerce and the impact on customer service

Consumers shopping on social platforms isn’t only a new platform to sell your products. It also impacts the way the customer service is done. For example, if you want to know if your favorite shorts will be delivered in time for your holiday, you just send that brand a Direct Message on Instagram. 

For brands that means a whole set of extra customer service channels to manage. Whereas in the past customer service channels were mainly live chat, phone or email, channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM and Snapchat DM can now also be used to communicate with brands..

Social media and social commerce also impacts response times. Consumers want answers instantly when sending a DM. .

One inbox to manage and automate all social messaging channels

At Table Duck we help small and medium sized businesses manage and automate their customer service, including social messaging. 

With our solution you’re able to connect all channels into one inbox. Smart automation helps you to reply to customers instantly.