Customer Support Automation Made Easy

Save time and let a virtual assistant answer all your recurring customer support questions

Smart replies that automate customer conversations

A virtual assistant that can have natural, human like conversations to answer questions from customers.

smart replies to automate customer support
work as one team in a simple tool

Work together with your team in one simple tool

Each team member can easily take over and manage customer conversations, with a seamless handover between virtual assistant and live agent.

One inbox for all your communication channels

Connect all your customer support channels like Email, Live Chat and Facebook Messenger into one inbox.

one inbox for all messaging channels

Customer support automation for your business

Automated conversations

The virtual assistant automatically answers most of your customer support questions.

All channels in one inbox

Connect all your customer support channels like Email, Live chat or Facebook Messenger into one inbox.

Seamless human handover

Easily taking over conversations and answering the customer in case the assistant doesn’t understand.

Multiple languages

Our virtual assistant speaks and helps your customers in multiple languages.

Customer profiling

Build rich profiles and easily merge multiple communication channels from the same, single customer.

Works out of the box

Easy to set up, within 5 minutes. No technical skills required or complicated flow builders to work with.