Conversational AI explained

You’ve probably heard about the term Conversational AI, but you’re wondering what it is exactly? And more importantly how it can help you and your business in day to day life? 

First, let’s begin with the term Conversational AI. It’s a technology that is used for automated messaging and speech-enabled applications that offer human-like interactions between computers and humans. Conversational refers to the conversation between an application and a human. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is used to help understand human language.

How is Conversational AI used?

Conversational AI is often used in customer support and customer support automation. For example, if you offer live chat on your website you can get a lot of requests and conversations from customers. Live chat helps you to improve customer satisfaction and to get new leads but it can be very time consuming. That’s where Conversational AI comes into play. With Conversational AI you’re actually automating conversations with customers so you don’t have to do anything. 

How good is Conversational AI actually?

Conversational AI and the technology behind it has improved rapidly over the years but it’s  not going to handle all your customer conversations. Therefore a lot of chatbot and Conversational AI applications offer something like a human handover. Basically this means that the chatbot tries to answer as much as possible. But when the chatbot can’t reply because it doesn’t know, the conversation is handed over to a real human to help that customer.

With current technology and good training, businesses are able to automate 30-60% of their customer conversations. 

How to implement Conversational AI in my business?

Implementing Conversational AI in your business can be helpful but also very expensive and time consuming. Large companies often have built custom chatbots and hired people to train these chatbots. Conversational AI is then used in it’s full capacity.

Small businesses often don’t have these resources but can also make use of Conversational AI. 

Table Duck helps small businesses with customer support automation and Conversational AI by giving you a pre-trained chatbot. You simply only have to put in the right answers for each question and you’re in business with Conversational AI.