Getting Started

Setting up your account in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Set up a channel

Once you’re logged in, the first thing you have to do is to set up a channel. You can set up one or multiple messaging channels like Live Chat or Telegram. Setting up a channel differs, depending on the channel.

Learn more about channels in the Channels section.

Step 2: Set up notifications

Setting notifications helps you to get notified for new, incoming messages. You can choose between email or Slack notifications.

Learn more about channels in the Notifications section.

Step 3: Add automation

Lastly you can create automation. There are two types of automated replies to set up:

    • Natural Language Processed (NLP) replies: Incoming messages are analyzed by artificial intelligence to understand the intent of a sentence. E.g.” What are your opening hours next Friday?”. It’s the most advanced way of recognizing what a customer request is all about.
    • Keyword based replies: With a keyword-based reply you can set specific keywords that a sentence needs to contain. E.g. “Opening hours” + “Easter”

Adding automation saves you time because it answers customer requests for you. You will get a notification when a customer request is not recognized by the automation so you can answer it manually.

Learn more about automation in the Automation section.

Overview of the tool


Here you can see your statistics like how many incoming messages you’ve got, how many are replied by our automation and the automated response rate. The dashboard also shows you which automated replies are most used to help you answer customer questions.


This is where all your incoming messages are. Here you can read conversations, reply manually to a message in case the automation doesn’t understand and temporarily mute the automation in a conversation.


Under Automation you can create and manage automated replies. You can choose between Natural Language Processed (NLP) replies or keyword based replies.


Here you can find all your customer profiles and edit them. It shows you detailed information about a customer, which channel he uses and how often.


Here you can add and manage your messaging channels like Live Chat and Telegram.


Under settings you can set the language of your account and add team members. Note: the language under setting is also the language used for the automation.