How to set up Live chat

To set up live chat for your inbox, go to Channels, press Add channel and select Live Chat. Fill in a title and introduction and you’ve created your live chat channel. Title and text are shown at the opening screen when a customer starts a live chat conversation.

There is a direct link shown on the page that you can use to test your newly added live chat channel.

Adding the live chat widget to your website

To add the live chat widget to your website, you have to put the embed code of the widget in the “head” section of your website. You can use tools like Google Tag Manager for this or ask your webmaster to do this for you.

Changing the live chat widget to your brand colors

You can change the background color and main color of the widget to your brand colors. To do so, you have to add the colors to the embed code, see example below. You have to use HTML, hex color codes but without the #.

Example without color codes:
(script) src=”” (/script)

Example with color codes:
(script) src=”” (/script)

In the second example we’ve added “?btn_color=ffffff&btn_background=5046e6″ to the URL. This sets the colors of the widget as being used on this website. In this case a button color of #ffffff and a button background color of #5046e6.