Automation & Chatbots

Smart answer blocks that help you reply faster

Reply to customers with just one click. We recognize what the conversation is about and automatically suggest answers. Simple and fast quick response messages.

Ideal if you want to save time but still want to be in control of what has been said to your customers.

suggested answers automation
Chatbot in customer service automation

Chatbots that have natural, human-like conversations

Save time and automate conversations with a chatbot that has natural, human like conversations to answer questions from customers.

Combine the power of Conversational AI with the human touch of your team

Seamless handover between human agents and chatbot, so you only spend time on more complex, value added conversations.

human handover of live chat conversation
automated reply messages

Automated replies for instant answering

Set up easy automated replies for to answer to customers instantly. You can set up replies for:

  • Generic replies
  • Welcoming new customers
  • Customer support confirmation
  • Appointment booking confirmation
  • Out of business hours

No code or hours of training required

Our pre-trained automation is easy to set up. No code or hours of chatbot training required, just select the question you want to automate and fill in the answer.

Setting up automation for chatbot

Things you can automate

Order information

Opening hours

Subscription information

Proposal requests

Store locations

Payment information

Account issues

Return policy

Job applications

And much more…

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Customer centric brands love us

Olivia's review about Table Duck, the customer communication platform

The easy-to-use automation really saves me time so I can spend more time on growing my business.

Olivia, has a coffee place
Patrick's review about Table Duck, the customer communication platform

It can be challenging to scale customer support, but with Table Duck we can deliver great experiences to our customers.

Patrick, owns two fashion stores
Liam's review about Table Duck, the customer communication platform

It helps me to organize customer inquiries that coming from different channels.

Liam, runs a car dealership
Jennifer's review about Table Duck, the customer communication platform

We’ve increased our conversation rate with 45% by engaging out with our website visitors.

Jennifer, runs an eCommerce store
SaaS owner using live chat on website

Great live chat tool and great inbox to connect and manage all my messaging channels. It really helps to get organized.

Noah, runs a successful scale up
Real estate agent using chatbot

The chatbot is super simple to set up. It only took me a few minutes to automate the most common questions I get.

Jean-Luc, has a real estate agency
Customer service agent

What I especially love is the customer profiles. I can easily see the conversation history of a customer in one place across multiple channels.

Isabelle, customer service employee at a shoe brand
webshop owner using live chat and chatbot

Big time saver for me. I now have live chat, email, and my social channels in one place.

Lesley, runs a successful webshop in handmade jewelry

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Free – Forever

The best option for companies who just started and want to elevate their customer support.

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Paid – From $ 19 per month

The best option for small and medium businesses that want to start accelerating their revenue.

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